The Tailgaters Guide To Not Screwing It Up

It’s that time of year. Make no mistake: there are rules. Fortunately, the dudes over at Thrillist compiled a list of 21 essential tips for proper tailgating etiquette…

1. If you’re going to sit on the cooler, don’t complain when someone wants to open the cooler every 15 seconds.

2. If you’re visiting another tailgate, never leave with a road soda unless it’s offered to you.

3. Don’t bring a six-pack of crappy beer and assume that entitles you to somebody else’s whiskey.

4. Don’t wander off with the bottle of whiskey, or offer generous pours of the whiskey to your lame tailgate-hopping friends who showed up empty handed and who nobody else in your group likes very much anyway.

5. Never get yourself another beverage without offering to get someone else another beverage.

Click here to read the entire list.

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