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Our Juice Is The Juiciest Juice

Backpack wines aren’t labeled as a specific varietal. Our Snappy White and Cheeky Rose are blends, ensuring the same great taste and quality in every can, regardless of what mother nature throws at us from one year to the next. The grapes all come from Washington State, farmed on hundreds of acres on the Wahluke Slope.

“The region is flourishing, has water, and sits on the same latitude as Bordeaux,” says Jim Doehring, the man behind Backpack Wine.

Our Snappy White is a riesling-based wine with a touch of pinot blanc.

“We like riesling because of the weighty mouthfeel and ease that the sugars melt on the palate. This wine has a touch more residual sugar than the rose on purpose. It a crowd pleaser,” says Doehring. “Add ice and you are still fine. Add a shot of soda and you are rolling. It’s super versatile and fun to drink.”

The Cheeky Rose is crisp and clean with a high acidity — again based on pinot blanc but with a dash of sangiovese for color and for the floral, strawberry, rose petal flavors that round out the mineral acidity of the pinot blanc.

You’re going to love them.

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