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Jim Doehring, as the heart and mind behind Backpack Wines, has faith that putting wines in cans is, at least part of, the future of wine distribution. But it isn’t abstract faith. He has concrete reasons for starting Backpack Wine.

“Cans are obviously portable and versatile. They are lighter and easier to recycle than glass,” says Doehring. “Wine gets a nice chill in them quickly. Today’s cans are way more advanced than the cans that have been out in the past.”

There is more to why wines in a can are not just a “thing of the future” but a “thing of right now.” There have been technological advances in putting wine like Backpack Wine into cans.

“Ball/Rexam has a process where they test your wine, determine the amount of acid, copper and will only allow wines that meet their specifications to be canned in their cans. It ends up being a completely neutral environment, just like wine in a stainless steel tank at a winery,” says Doehring. “Many of the first canned wines out there were simply put into slightly modified beer cans, and the components of the wine often interacted with the can, leaving a slight metallic taste in many early trials.”

Anyone who had bad early experience with canned wine in the past may have had trouble with the can or it may have been the wine.

With Backpack Wine you have the best cans you can put wine in and quality wine from the great state of Washington going into those cans. It is a perfect storm of convenience and taste.