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10 Reasons to Drink More Wine in Cans in 2017

With the closing of 2016 and looking forward to the bright future that lies ahead for us in 2017, one always tries to make resolutions and goals to strive towards in the coming year.  This year, we have decided help out as best we can. So without further adieu.  The top ten reasons more wine […]

The Art of Wine Tastings

So long are the days that only established wine drinkers, producers, connoisseurs and distributors get to indulge their senses to the most intriguing aromas and spices that make up the most beloved wines of the world.  At Backpack Wine, we appreciate the tastes of delicious wines, but believe that everyone should be able to enjoy […]

Why so cheeky?

Lots of folks have asked us how our rose got to be so cheeky. The secret is our blend of pinot blanc and Sangiovese. Usually when you make a rose you use red grapes and minimize skin contact. (Raise your hand if you new red wine is red because of skin contact.) You see, all […]

Grapes, Grapes, Grapes

We use three kinds of grapes to make our vinos. Snappy White is a blend of riesling and pinot blanc and Cheeky Rose uses pinot blanc and Sangiovese. Riesling is a grape that originates in the Rhine area of Germany. It’s one of the most aromatic grape varieties in the world; fruits such as nectarine, apricot, apple […]

Fine Wine, Tacos and The Dude

Certain parts of the wine industry (usually not winemakers) seem intent on doing something silly: making wine a product of the elite, something elusive and hard to understand. It’s true, wine can be complicated. But for most of us, it doesn’t need to be. What you enjoy is good wine and what you don’t is […]

Nice Cans

Jim Doehring, as the heart and mind behind Backpack Wines, has faith that putting wines in cans is, at least part of, the future of wine distribution. But it isn’t abstract faith. He has concrete reasons for starting Backpack Wine. “Cans are obviously portable and versatile. They are lighter and easier to recycle than glass,” […]

Home Sweet Home

Wahluke Slope AVA is where Backpack Wines’ grapes call home before they become wine. Wahluke Slope is an AVA in Washington State. An “AVA” is an American Viticultural Area, a designated grape growing area in the United States. These areas are supposed to have boundaries and geographical features that are significant when it comes to […]

Big Brothers Big Sisters Tailgate Party 2016

Backpack Wine Co. was honored to be a sponsor of this year’s Big Brothers Big Sisters Tailgate Party. Events like the Tailgate Party raise much needed awareness and capital for BBBS to be able to provide 1:1 mentoring to children facing adversity throughout metro Chicago. This year’s event raised over $130,000 which will directly impact the programs and matches at […]

The Tailgaters Guide To Not Screwing It Up

It’s that time of year. Make no mistake: there are rules. Fortunately, the dudes over at Thrillist compiled a list of 21 essential tips for proper tailgating etiquette…

Our Juice Is The Juiciest Juice

Backpack wines aren’t labeled as a specific varietal. Our Snappy White and Cheeky Rose are blends, ensuring the same great taste and quality in every can, regardless of what mother nature throws at us from one year to the next. The grapes all come from Washington State, farmed on hundreds of acres on the Wahluke Slope. […]