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10 Reasons to Drink More Wine in Cans in 2017

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With the closing of 2016 and looking forward to the bright future that lies ahead for us in 2017, one always tries to make resolutions and goals to strive towards in the coming year.  This year, we have decided help out as best we can.

So without further adieu.  The top ten reasons more wine drinking should be done out of cans this year.


1-Cans chill faster than bottles, and on a night out at a b.y.o.b. establishment, who wants to wait that long, or worse, drink lukewarm wine?

2-Cans are better for the environment in the sense that they recycle more readily than bottles. Cans basically recycle one can for one can. You can feel smugly superior that aluminum is usually recycled where glass recycling has become problematic.

3-Wine in a can is easier to transport; whether you are hiking, heading out to an outdoor concert or going to the beach, you can slip a can in your bag and go (Note to the reader that the beach permits alcohol, cans will not protect you from open container citations).

4-Cans provide smaller, single servings. If you want one or two glasses, one healthy serving that comes from a can will suit you just fine.  Not to mention you won’t need to then lug around a half full bottle, or worse, throw out half a bottle that has gone bad in the fridge.

5-There is no adverse or odd taste from wine being in a can. Wine is often aged and produced in stainless steel and let me let you in on a little secret, metal doesn’t change the taste of wine.

6-One enemy of wine is light.  It can change the texture and taste of wine.  Light doesn’t pass through aluminum. (Our wine is canned and stored in aluminum…amazing, isn’t it?)

7-You have much less need to worry about cork taint from a Backpack wine in a can for obvious reasons. While the musty, unmistakable taste of a corked wine can come from many places, the cork is, far and away, the most common culprit. No moldy tasting wine with either of two blends!

8-One person wants a white and another wants a rose? No need for compromise with the smaller serving size can.

9-No corkscrew? No problem!
10-At a party throw the cans in a cooler. No need for glasses, less to clean up and no smashed wine glasses due to guests being over-served.


2016 marked a landmark year in the production, distribution, and enjoyment of wine drinking.  While the wine industry has been around for years, 2016 saw a year of increasing growth for type of company, wine in cans.

Now more than ever, we live in a world that is constantly on the move.  With that mentality, Backpack Wine was born.  One shouldn’t have to sacrifice delicious wines with the adventurous types of lives we all live.  2016 was the year that we finally shared this philosophy of ours with the world.

This 2017, people everywhere are hoping for a fun, enjoyable and prosperous year.  Why not start off the new year toasting your cans to drinking more wine?  Enjoying life with friends and family, with coworkers and neighbors.  Crack open more cans and toast to hope.

Everyone from Backpack Wine would like to toast this new year to a year dedicated with adventure!