Skip the Cork. Grab a Pack.

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Skip the Cork.
Grab a Pack.

Backpack Wine encourages you skip the cork, grab a pack and take one of our four quality wines with you, no matter how far off (or on!) the beaten path you want to go.   Backpack Wine is among the first to offer quality wines from the state of Washington in take-anywhere, easy-open, recyclable cans and is now available in Cheeky Rose®, Snappy White®, Rowdy Red® and Bubbly Rose.

Backpack Wine’s versatile rose, bubbly rose, white and red blends are sourced from some of the finest Washington State vineyards and packaged in a can that’s ready for anything.

Wine in a Can. Really?

The good news: the canned wine category is growing, so there are more choices than ever before. The bad news: not all cans are created equal, so there’s a common misperception that we at Backpack are working hard to overcome. Good wine CAN come in cans. Take a sip. Not a swirl and sniff, but a real, honest-to-goodness sip. Ahhhh. Delightfully refreshing. Crisp. And oh, so much better than you were expecting, right? That’s Backpack Wine. Welcome to consistent quality and overall great taste. As much as we’re all about our convenient can, we’re really all about what’s inside that can. Our wines drink like their much more expensive, less portable bottled competitors.

The Go-Anywhere Way to Enjoy Wine.

Backpack Wine taps into the same love of exploration and discovery that our independently spirited, on-the-go customers embrace. Canned wine is easy to drink, serve and socialize over. It’s portable, sharable and fun to pair with any foods from casual to elegant. And that packaging…it’s recyclable, it’s cost-effective and it makes wine more approachable, rebellious and fresh.

What sparked the idea for Backpack Wines? Well, after decades in the wine business I wanted to find a way to share the wine experience with a larger group of customers. In this era of gourmet “grab-and-go,” I sought a way to make quality wine more accessible. No, canned wine wasn’t new, but I saw an opportunity for a brand to put consistent quality in convenient take-anywhere cans. What if we could source high quality grapes from great vineyards, letting us blend to a house style year-after-year? What if we could pour a lot of quality into a slimline 250 ml can? …and Backpack Wine was born. We knew we were on to something…so we conducted focus groups and panels. The majority of the consumers in our focus groups were millennials ages 22 to 35, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We keep our eyes on our customers and their on-the-go lifestyles, where the convenience of the can is a great advantage. Backpack is for anyone who wants to enjoy wine wherever life takes them—to the beach or pool, picnic, concert, summer festival, at a BBQ, a tailgate, ski slope, bike trail. Backpack Wine delivers portability and convenience without having to sacrifice taste and quality. We are 100% committed to sourcing from quality vineyards and producing top quality wine in every can, so you can skip the cork, grab a pack and enjoy or share with confidence. Cheers!