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Why so cheeky?

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Lots of folks have asked us how our rose got to be so cheeky. The secret is our blend of pinot blanc and Sangiovese.

Usually when you make a rose you use red grapes and minimize skin contact. (Raise your hand if you new red wine is red because of skin contact.) You see, all juice is white when it is pressed (or the vast, vast majority of it). When you leave it on the skins the red leaks out into the juice, of red grapes anyway, and gives color. For a rose the usual way of doing things is to leave the juice in contact with the red skins but for less time than for a red. Though that isn’t the only way to do it. You can also use both types of grapes or even add red wine to white. Many “fine” winemakers frown on doing this but what really matters is how the wine tastes. You will notice more and more wine using both red and white grapes, or mixing wines, tossing aside tradition in favor of taste.

Cheeky Rose is crafted for a palate that is a bit more advanced than the average jug wine quaffer. It is clean and clear with high acidity from the base pinot blanc used. This white grape also adds some mineral characteristics. A dash of Sangiovese gives color to be sure but it also adds something floral, like rose petals. It also add some hints of strawberry. You may detect other red fruits. Everyone’s taste is different; all that matters is that you enjoy it wherever you go. 

Cheeky Rose pairs nicely (as they say) with Italian, Mexican or Spanish food too … but it’s best on a beach, around a campfire or just hanging out with friends.